HealthIT2 takes a unique approach to implementing its EHR. Rather than ask you to assign representatives from every department, as well as physician and nursing representatives, to attend meetings, fill out forms and analyze workflow, we present a preconfigured system.

From there, we help you quickly determine where changes need to be made – and we quickly make those changes, test them with your staff and get them ready to be trained for system activation.

It’s really that simple. Along with identifying the other systems and medical devices to which the HealthIT2 EHR will interface, we work with you to make the process as efficient as possible. That’s why we can guarantee a 30-day implementation process.

Our support philosophy is equally straightforward and simple. Users can send support requests or suggestions for system enhancements directly from the live system, from the screen they want to discuss, to our 24/7 support team. No more printing screen shots and scanning or faxing them to a support center, then waiting for a response. Our interactive tools let users dialog with HealthIT2 staff real-time.

Of course, any issue that might impact patient safety receives special handling. It is immediately escalated so that other customers that may be impacted are notified. The HealthIT2 team engages with the utmost urgency to analyze the problem and fix it. There are no administrative or process delays. That’s our commitment.


The Integration Team

Immediately, identifies existing systems and configures the HS integration for real-time data. Integration is tested, data validated and historical patient information moved pre-filled as needed. Customers provide information via the internet on available integration, existing vendors versions, standards and protocols.

Workflow Design

While the application comes preconfigured for fast, easy deployment workflow may still need to be adjusted to meet certain established criteria or simply to keep the same look and feel as existing workflow. Tools available via the internet allow valid users to comment on Forms, Workflow Design and Logic. Edits, enhancements revisions can be reviewed and completed designs can be authorized and released for production.


Key personnel are selected to lead the implementation, these key employees review the eTraining materials then follow the eCurriculum in preparation for general staff training. Staff can be trained in specific tasks i.e. emergency room nurses can participate together in a supervised eClassroom setting that focuses on triage, assessment etc; then individual nurses can review at their own pace, and on their own schedule via the internet.

Reach out for Instant Contact

If you need information fast, reach out to us for an immediate response.  Our team of professionals is ready to discuss your challenges, requirements and questions.  Please submit your contact information you’ll hear from us within a of couple hours.