In a connected network, what is Population Health?

After implementing basic software in a HIE or connected ACO, the next natural step is to look at the population as a whole and deliver improvements. Population Health can take shape in a number of ways, here’s a few examples:

  • Patient Engagement – Reinforce attention to one’s health condition through scheduled follow ups and automatic reminders
  • Chronic Disease Management
    • Early Identification of at risk patients for common diseases
    • Enrollment into evidence based care plans
    • Care Coordination and management of care plans
    • Post Discharge patient administration
  • Cost reduction through prevention of duplicate tests
  • Analytics and Reporting – Extensive analysis to provide insight into financials, quality measures and other outcomes

All of these items together or in part allow healthcare organizations to reduce costs and improve outcomes.  Here’s a few screen shots to help illustrate the various modules.

Risk Assessment Data Entry:


Patient’s Clinical Summary and Timeline (for a Care Team Member):


Enterprise Reporting and Analytics


Patient Care Plan Status and Tasks:


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